Building Paytm Money 1.0 and reinventing the future of mutual funds investment in India

What is Paytm Money?

Paytm Money is a transaction and advisory platform for the investors looking to invest in a mutual fund. Paytm Money is a subsidiary of Paytm.

It is focused on bringing a fully digital investing experience for Mutual Fund investors, that provides maximum benefits to the investors as it offers only direct plans in mutual fund schemes that come with no hidden commissions.

Vision behind Paytm Money was to make Investing and Wealth Management  –  Simpler, Transparent & Accessible for millions of Indians.

Paytm Money Goals

To make investing and wealth management —


Simpler, Transparent & Accessible for millions of Indians.

  • We would achieve this goal by starting wealth management via Direct Mutual Fund Plans.
  • Adding next to the product would be Mutual Fund Investment Packs 
(by Paytm Money Advisory Team).
  • NPS (National Pension Scheme)
  • Stocks (Trading in live Equity market)
  • Merging Paytm Gold into Paytm Money.

My Role

This was a stealth project inside Paytm started in Aug 2017 and I was the 1st designer on the team, and I was working along with Product and Strategy team on creating the first draft of experience for Mutual funds investment. 


My first order of business was to understand Mutual fund domain and understand where the current apps in market were failing to meet the users expectation in terms of user experience.


Followed by understanding the users who are going to invest and their behaviours and then designing an experience that would help them invest in mutual funds in a simple and transparent way. 


14 Months – Aug 2017 to Sep 2018

Author: Manthan Desai

Two long weeks I wandered

Through two long weeks I wandered, stumbling through the nights guided only by the stars and hiding during the days behind some protruding rock or among the occasional hills I traversed.

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